Thursday, August 03, 2006

Struggle with DSLua sprites

Regarding the new RPG/hack'n slash game I am working one, here comes a small update:

- I have created the 3D models for some enemies (wolf / skeletons), generated the renders and created the sprite bitmaps. Also new animations for the wizard main character have been created.

I am having a lot of headaches with DSLua trying to use the new sprites. It seems DSLua has some internal problems managing sprites or just too little memory allocated for them. Any case, the result is that when I try so show new sprites on screen (say the new enemies), the old ones get either corrupted or simply disappear. I have played some tricks to clean memory but even having improved the problem is still there.

- Some basic player functions (health / magic / heartbeat) have been implemented.

Whenever I suceed fixing the sprite issue, and some basic player versus enemy fight is in place I will release the first public beta (I hope soon)