Wednesday, October 11, 2006


First game I create in C/PAlib! It is a basic yet operational implementation of SameGame, a simple puzzle game that came built it in my old phone and was very useful in waiting/queueing situations. The main goal here was to get used to the new programing enviroment (devkitPro / C / PAlib) and I have to say that I succeeded since I only took two day to program it.

Regarding the game, you can find an extensive game description of SameGame at Wikipedia . In short: You have a rectangular playing screen initially filled with colored blocks. By choosing adjoined blocks of the same color you can remove them from the screen and the usual gravity action takes place. You can play with two main objectives in mind:
  • To connect the blocks of a kind as many as possible (to make a big score).
  • To remove all the blocks in the screen (usually resulting in considerable bonus).
Here comes a screenshot of the current version of the game:

Game available here. Source code available here


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