Monday, July 17, 2006

New game early alpha screenshot

As mentioned in my previous post I am currently working in a new DS homebrew game. A lot in this game is still to be defined so i cannot tell much since it can change anytime. A few elements more or less defined currently are:

  • Thematic: medieval phantasy (not quite original though, but quite a lot of fans out there...)
  • Gameplay: somewhere between hack'n slack and RPG
  • Artwork: I will create the game artwork (whether drawings or 3D models) as oposite to borrowing from other sources (as was the case of Snowball battle game). This would be extra work on top of the programming but also a challenge and game freedom
  • View: prerendered models in isometric perspective
Here comes the first screenshots of the game still in alpha develpment stage (splash screen + ingame).

Currently game menus are operational and the hero can walk on the scrolling map. I will add some real playable elements before releasing the first public beta


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