Monday, April 24, 2006

Just for the fun of doing it, i will create my own DS homebrew game and then release the source code to anybody interested. I do not know if it will be of any value or if anyone will play it but it will be an experience to develop it. So, this is the plan:

The constraints
  • Mean and lean: I am not a big game producer, so i do not have great resources to create a game (budget, time, skills). The game therefore will have to remain simple but stand to the main esence: to be fun to play
  • Full game: i do not plan to create a "proof of concept" piece of software but a fully operational game. This includes all game production phases and game elements
  • Original game: I will not deny i could absorb ideas from other games, but the intention is not to create a "clone of game X" or a "port of game X"

The ingredients
  • Development hardware: Nintendo DS game console + M3 adapter
  • Development software: DS LUA language (interpreted programming language: easy to program and to port)
  • Development software: Dualis (PC emulator for Nintendo DS: accelerates a lot the software development and testing. A "must" tool)
The game
  • The idea is to create a snowball fight game


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