Wednesday, January 17, 2007

DSameGame update 2.0(beta) released!

I have updated DSameGame to version 2.0. This version basically brings a new interface to the existing SameGame based on menus.

The main changes from the previous version are:

  • New graphical game environment based on menus
  • Basic sound added
  • User selectable game tile set
  • Configuration menu operational
In the long term I plan to add more minigames as the SameGame to the program

Get the game here

Thursday, October 12, 2006

DSameGame update 1.1(beta) released!

I have added a small update to DSameGame by including a user selectable difficulty level (easy/normal/hard). The difficulty is based on the amount of tile colors in the board: the more colors the harder the game is.

Get the game here
Get the source code here

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


First game I create in C/PAlib! It is a basic yet operational implementation of SameGame, a simple puzzle game that came built it in my old phone and was very useful in waiting/queueing situations. The main goal here was to get used to the new programing enviroment (devkitPro / C / PAlib) and I have to say that I succeeded since I only took two day to program it.

Regarding the game, you can find an extensive game description of SameGame at Wikipedia . In short: You have a rectangular playing screen initially filled with colored blocks. By choosing adjoined blocks of the same color you can remove them from the screen and the usual gravity action takes place. You can play with two main objectives in mind:
  • To connect the blocks of a kind as many as possible (to make a big score).
  • To remove all the blocks in the screen (usually resulting in considerable bonus).
Here comes a screenshot of the current version of the game:

Game available here. Source code available here

Monday, October 09, 2006

Bye bye LUA! Hello C!

The lack of updates/fixes in DSLua has blocked the DS homebrew projects I was working on. Waruwaru, the author of DSLua, seems to be neither available (since May!) nor has released the source code so somebody else could carry on with the project. It is a pity, since I like DSlua but... it is time to move on...

So, I have decided to take a shortcut and directly develop in C with the PAlib. It is a new environment to learn but after a few days it seems I am getting used :) This will give me access to parts of the PAlib DSlua did not use yet such as the WiFi or 3D graphics. I expect to release my first test C based DS homebrew project in the next days

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Struggle with DSLua sprites

Regarding the new RPG/hack'n slash game I am working one, here comes a small update:

- I have created the 3D models for some enemies (wolf / skeletons), generated the renders and created the sprite bitmaps. Also new animations for the wizard main character have been created.

I am having a lot of headaches with DSLua trying to use the new sprites. It seems DSLua has some internal problems managing sprites or just too little memory allocated for them. Any case, the result is that when I try so show new sprites on screen (say the new enemies), the old ones get either corrupted or simply disappear. I have played some tricks to clean memory but even having improved the problem is still there.

- Some basic player functions (health / magic / heartbeat) have been implemented.

Whenever I suceed fixing the sprite issue, and some basic player versus enemy fight is in place I will release the first public beta (I hope soon)

Monday, July 17, 2006

New game early alpha screenshot

As mentioned in my previous post I am currently working in a new DS homebrew game. A lot in this game is still to be defined so i cannot tell much since it can change anytime. A few elements more or less defined currently are:

  • Thematic: medieval phantasy (not quite original though, but quite a lot of fans out there...)
  • Gameplay: somewhere between hack'n slack and RPG
  • Artwork: I will create the game artwork (whether drawings or 3D models) as oposite to borrowing from other sources (as was the case of Snowball battle game). This would be extra work on top of the programming but also a challenge and game freedom
  • View: prerendered models in isometric perspective
Here comes the first screenshots of the game still in alpha develpment stage (splash screen + ingame).

Currently game menus are operational and the hero can walk on the scrolling map. I will add some real playable elements before releasing the first public beta

Monday, June 26, 2006

Donations and some news

I have included a PayPal button on the right of the page as you can see. Please use it if you want to do a donation to support this DS homebrew development (to replace my lost homebrew development kit, DS+M3, in the first place).

The development of the Snowball game is a bit on hold due to the (current) lack of development kit but mainly because i am waiting for DSLua author (Waruwaru) to add WiFi capabilities to the system. That will provide funnier multiplayer experience. Any case, some game updates are in the way.

Besides of that I am starting the development of a new DSLua game. This will be a longer, level based game. It is still in an early development stage, but i hope i will post some alpha screenshots in the next weeks. Stay tunned!